Course Topics

This course will include the following topics, and more! Students learn through downloadable materials, self directed recorded sessions, quizzes, assignments and weekly live Zoom sessions

  • Introduction to High-conflict and Parenting Coordination

  • The Legal System and the Appointment Document

  • The Cooperative Parenting Model

  • Incorporating the Significant Other

  • Managing Anger

  • Domestic Violence

  • Parent-Child Contact Problems

  • Development and Parenting Plans

  • Challenging Parents

  • And more......

Susan Boyan

Susan Boyan, LMFT, has been working as a psychotherapist with families and children for over 38 years as the director of Family Solutions. Susan provides workshops and trainings throughout the country and abroad. In 1997, when the Cooperative Parenting Institute was formed, she began providing professional parenting coordination training. In addition to her regular practice Susan provides divorce coaching, coparenting, parenting coordination and family mediation. She is respected in the field as an expert on high-conflict divorce, child development, parental alienation and parenting coordination. She testifies in court and has written several professional articles in her area of expertise. She has co-authored Cooperative Parenting & Divorce, Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce, Co-Parent Communication Handbook and The Parenting Coordination Reference Manual. She is a member of The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.